Sarky Updates


So firstly hello and welcome to my very first blog post and hopefully the first of many as I build my very own space in the big wide world of the internet.  I intend for it to sit alongside my business, and while there is no dedicated theme as yet, it will hopefully provide information that sits nicely alongside some of the products that I create and produce for my new business, The Sarky Cow.

The Sarky Cow was officially founded in Feb 2017, before this, I was honing my creating skills, learning about the logistics of online selling and generally  getting to know my way around the online selling community.  I am thrilled that it is growing from strength to strength, but more importantly, customers are leaving fab reviews about my products and designs which is exactly the feedback I was looking for.  That doesn’t mean I am scared of bad reviews, they can provide the most invaluable information and I never ever take anything personally but it does mean I am getting something right and that is great news for a new business.

What do we sell you ask?  Well, cards, glasses and sweet jars are our speciality and I have the intention to create product lines that is literally unrivalled by any other creators.  I think I am already doing that as I have best sellers already… I am not going to divulge what though, prying eyes and all that.  But, suffice it to say, I know which direction I want to go in now, I just have to get a few clones of myself to get there.

So, why the blog?  Well, I love writing, it has always been a little passion of mine and during my business journey, I have found myself concentrating on the creation of product lines, updating social media, making products, ordering supplies and shipping out.  This means that my writing has taken a definite back seat so this blog, that will hopefully document my business journey as much as anything else, will quench my thirst for writing whilst also connecting me with you.. my customer!!

In my previous life as a retail shop owner, I miss connecting face to face with my customers, I knew them personally and got to know their family.  I watched them have children and served them through their happiest and darkest times. (I was a florist so this is the norm.)  I became their friend and they would often bob in as they passed to tell me what they were up to, what was new in their life etc… And, I miss that!! So, it is my intention to have a virtual relationship with The Sarky Cow customers, and why not? I can’t see why I can’t forge a special relationship with you all.  I’ve done it before and I will do it again.  It may take a bit longer because text is so much harder to convey a smile with.. And, I can’t do what I used to when I needed human interaction and stand at the door of my shop and speak to passers by (who I knew by the way, I am not that weird).

So, blog it is. Please join me in my journey, I truly love company, I love banter, I love soulful people and I love to natter (as we say up north in the UK).

Until the next blog..

Chief Sarky Cow