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When life gives ya lemons….

and some vodka, strawberries and ice...   Make A Vodka Strawberry and Lemonade Cocktail.. So, because I am on an eternal diet, I thought I would try a cocktail that was purely vodka based.. (because vodka is the best alcohol on all 5467 diets I have done) and the added fruit just made me feel… Continue reading When life gives ya lemons….

Cocktail Recipies · Drinks Related

Screaming Orgasm – The Sequel

Here's the thing, it is all well and good me telling you to create full on cocktails for everyone at the party, but sometimes the budget wont stretch... which is totally understandable after you have bought all the food, the gazebo in case it rains and all that extra beer for those that don't bring… Continue reading Screaming Orgasm – The Sequel