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Do you like Pina Coladas?

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Sorry getting a bit carried away with my very out of tune singing voice..

So, as you might have guessed, my latest cocktail is a Pina Colada.  And, even though I say so myself, it is totally my favourite and even surpassed my Screaming Orgasm Recipe.

Firstly take note of the ingredients needed, and when you read pineapple juice, don’t run to Tesco and quickly pick up apple juice, then make it with apple juice and wonder why it tastes horrid.  I have no idea who would actually be that stupid… cough cough…

Oh, and if you are on a diet, just forget the calories and enjoy, that’s what I did and the moment on the lips was well worth the lifetime on the hips in my, not so humble opinion.

So, I digress.

The ingredients are as follows:
Pineapple Juice 150ml
White Rum – I used Tesco’s own 100ml
Coconut Milk (this is in a tin) 50ml
Vanilla Ice Cream 4 scoops
Whipping Cream 100ml
Sugar – 1 tablespoon spoon
Ice – Handful
Squirty Cream in a Can

Now I started with the amounts shown above, but I suggest you to add these in stages and do it to your own taste and consistency.

Equipment Needed:
Measuring Jug
Electric Whisk
Mixing Bowl

Luxuries needed
Personalised Glitter Pina Colada Glass

Put most of the ingredients in the blender, keeping some back to add gradually.  I actually only put a small amount of ice cream at the beginning and added most at the end to thicken the mixture.

Whisk the whipping cream in a bowl until it is white and stiff as shown and then spoon into the blender with the other ingredients.

Put the blender on for a few minutes and don’t be tempted to stop too soon, I found this helps with thickening the mixture and getting a frothy finish.


I tasted it at this point and added in the rest of the ingredients.  If you decide you want it to be stronger, sweeter or thicker you can increase or decrease the final amounts to suit your personal taste.

Put the ice in a tall glass, preferable a tall one as shown, and pour the mixture over.  Squirt cream on the top of the mixture and add a cherry for decoration…


Then, put your cocktail dress on… and enjoy in the comfort of your front room.


I hope you have a go at this Pina Colada cocktail recipe.  If you do, let me know how you get on.  If you would like the recipe along with all my recipes and tips, sign up to our email list and I will send you it in a printable format along with discount codes for your personalised glasses.

Thanks so much for reading..


Paula xx