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Prosecco Mojito Cocktail

weddingplanningchecklist (3)So, in a bid to win ‘wife of the year’ award, I decided to tackle my husbands favourite cocktail recipe with bacardi, but because I had a bottle of prosecco in the wine rack, I decided to make it a bit more interesting and this is how my trial of the prosecco mojito cocktail came about.

300 ml Prosecco
50ml Bacardi
Fresh mint
3 large limes
4 spoonfuls of caster sugar

prosecco and vodka cocktails


Use one of the limes to rim the glass as shown below.  Dip the glass in sugar to create a frosted look, just to add that extra special touch.  

Chop up a handful of the fresh mint.

cocktail recipes with vodka

Squeeze the limes to create lime juice.

Put sugar, limes, ice and bacardi into a blender and crush.  Make sure you give this a couple of decent blasts in order to blend all the flavours well.


Pour the mixture between two margarita glasses, if you want to be extra posh you could always use personalised margarita cocktail glasses from my Cheeky Cow Etsy store.

prosecco mojito cocktail (2)

Top up with the prosecco and enjoy…


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Til the next one…

Paula 🙂