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Top 5 Drinking Games with Shots

weddingplanningchecklist (11)You can’t deny that a party gets a bit more interesting as the alcohol starts to flow, so why not give it a boost with a bit of a drinking game.  And, when everyone is having a laugh, you can relax knowing that the party is going to be a success, strangers are now friends as it breaks the ice and you fly up the social ladder.. Ok, that maybe a slight exaggeration but it can’t hurt can it? And, you will all have some great memories, or not as the case may be.

I have put together five drinking games for small groups or more for you to try and we all know that drinking games with shots go down a treat.  So here we go..

1. Shot Poker
This is not different to a regular game of poker… wait, oh yeah it defo is.  It is in fact totally different because the stakes are raised with alcohol and instead of using chips, you use a shot.  The loser at the end drinks all the shots in the middle of the game.  Good luck with that one…

shot poker

Will I try this?
This is one I am going to sit out, basically because I have no idea how to play poker, I do not have a poker face because my face is full of expression at all times and I am very sore loser.   So, all in all not a great idea!! But if you are none of the above, give it a go.

If you do decide to have a go, check out this shot recipe to try Baileys Based Shot

2. Phrases and Actions
Slight planning needed for this one, but as it goes on throughout the night and is more subtle, it does guarantee to get more roucous as the night goes on.

So, basically, write out a bunch of index cards before the guests arrive.  They should contain phrases or actions that people will not do or say continually but may say or do occasionally.  Examples would include; scratching bum, folding arms, looking in the mirror, picking nose. Phrases might include; I’m not sure, I wish, I can’t believe.  When a person says one of these phrases or does an action, the person with the card makes them take a shot.

I would love this game at a party and would be like a hawk for my action or phrase.  If I was throwing the party, I would probably let the little devil come out in me and use a few rude or naughty sayings that I am sure a friend or two would use.  I would probably target someone who was always up for a laugh.

So, this game would be a yes for me for sure.. What about you?

3. Pick up the Bag
So, this is more of a daft game involving a paper bag and alcohol.  Basically, the object of the game is to pick up the paper bag with only your teeth.  Both feet on the floor and hands not touching anything else.  For a bit of extra fun, you can take an inch or two off the bag each time, making it a limbo in reverse really.

paper bag drinking game
A picture of a bag, just in case there was any confusion 😉

If you fall, you drink… Simples!!  And, then you try again, but you fall cause your drunk, and then you take a shot, then you try again and fall and… Well you catch the drift don’t you?

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4. You Suck
This one takes you right back, to just after birth.  And, there is a bit of shopping beforehand and not just at the off license.  Mothercare or any good baby store!!

So, you get four baby bottles 4oz with the same size teet (not too small).  Fill them with alcohol and then watch people race to finish the alcohol you have filled them with.

baby bottle drinking games
Typical babies bottles for those of you who live on mars and have never seen one.

5. Most Likely
So, this is more of an end of the night type of party in my not so humble opinion.  Everyone sits around the circle and one person starts with the phrase ‘most likely to.. they finish is off with an action such as ‘most likely to fall over or most likely to pull a moony’, you get the concept.  Everyone else has to point at the person most likely to do what has been suggetsed and the person who gets the most people pointing has to drink a shot.

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Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this blog.  If you have please comment below or if you have tried the games before give us your opinion.

Until next time…

Paula 🙂