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Unicorn Hot Chocolate

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I simply had to try this drink, every time I’ve seen a similar drink on pinterest, google images or simply out and about, my mouth was drooling!! So, I had a bash and I have to say, it was one of the easiest recipes so far really, well apart from the Bailey’s Hot Chocolate I made not so long ago.

So, if you want to have a go yourself, prepare for a truly sweet drink and get yourself down to Tesco/Aldi/Asda for the following bits and pieces that you will need for this unicorn hot chocolate drink.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Ingredients for unicorn drink

Milk – semi skimmed just under 1 pint
White Chocolate – 120grams
Pink Food Colouring (I used red because I could not find pink)
Vanilla Flavouring – I tablespoon
Granulated Sugar – 1 tablespoon
Hundreds and Thousands – to rim the glass.

Ingredients for Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Rimming the Glass

Edge the glass in water (or add a bit of sugar for extra stickyness).
Dip in hundreds and thousdands as shown below.




Topping Suggestions

Mini Marshmellows
Hundreds and Thousands
Baking Decorations (butterflies and hearts etc)
Squirty Cream

Hot Chocolate Recipe

It really is easy.  Simply pour the milk, sugar, vanilla flavouring and 2 drops of the food colouring along with the chocolate cut into cubes, into a pan.

Heat up and stir gently, not boiling.  This should be done until the chocolate and sugar has dissolved.

Hot chocolate recipes

N.B. Try not to eat the rest of the chocolate that is in temptations way,  because that would be totally lacking in willpower…Thank the lord, I am not that weak.  Alright alright, you broke me, I had a piece or three but please don’t tell my slimming world leader because I keep disputing the scales!!! It is them not me honest!

Ok, so you should now have a nice milky mixture that is pink in colour and nice and smooth.

Pour into some really fancy hot chocolate glasses.  You don’t have any?? That will never do, you need to self treat immediately at The Cheeky Cow . 

Oh, I digress.  You are now ready to top your hot chocolate drink.  I let it cool ever so slightly.  I then squirted cream on top of the drink, added some hundreds and thousands and mini marshmellows and a fancy straw with an umbrella.

Toppings for hot chocolate

And, it turned out like the picture below, and I was thrilled with both the taste and the look.

When to use the unicorn hot chocolate.
Cozy Sunday afternoons in the house.
Unicorn themed kids parties.
Movie night.

If you are planning a kids unicorn themed party and need some extra bits and pieces to match your theme, you really must check out Inspired by Alma, they have the most amazing cake toppers and other unicorn themed party accessories.  They also run a blog with some great party tips too.  Check out their links below.

Inspired by Alma Blog

Inspired by Alma – Etsy Shop

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Anyway, that completes my unicorn hot chocolate blog, I hope you make it, you really should, please let me know if you do, I’d love your feedback.

Until the next one.

Paula 🙂