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Nutella look alike Hot Chocolate

weddingplanningchecklist (12)Ok, the truth is I was going to do a Nutella Hot Chocolate for myself… I mean the kids, I was gonna do it for the kids!! But, when I seen a cheaper version in Asda I thought, why not try and do it a bit cheaper. So I did.

personalised hot chocolate glass

Other bits I picked up:
(This serves one.)
2tbsp Chocolate hazelnut spread
1 Cup of Milk
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Sauce
A really fancy hot chocolate glass in a choice of 18 colours from The Cheeky Cow

Right, I have to say i am being fast and loose with the term method here.  You simply put the milk and chocolate spread in a pan and stir until it is all blended in.  It should be nice and hot after 5 minutes.

When you pour, squirt with cream and then sprinkle on marshmellows and squirt on some chocolate sauce.

Untitled design (27)

Would I do anything different?
Actually, I would probably buy the branded Nutella.  As much as this was nice, I can’t help but think that it would be nicer with the real deal.

I’m thinking Saturday night, X factor etc etc… You will earn brownie points with the kids/teenagers/husband/wife (delete as appropriate).

Now I may or may not have mentioned that we make some great glitter personalised hot chocolate glasses over at The Cheeky Cow and you may be wondering if they are just plain good or great.  So, here are a couple of pics to give you a flavour.

Oh, and they are £10 each.




So, enjoy your hot chocolate and I will see you at the next cunning idea I have.

And, thanks for dropping in..