Sarky Updates

Where have we been?

Lost in a sea of orders, moving the herd, new product lines… you name it and we have been up to it! The blog has took a hit because of this to be fair, but it is my very late new years resolution to get back to it and keep everyone up to date on what is going on in the business along with some great fun tips and hints I have picked up along the way.

On the plus side, The Sarky Cow has had some great recent successes.  Christmas was madness, utter utter madness, and with it being my first proper Christmas experience as an online seller, it did throw me into oblivion.  I am the first to admit, I was not expecting the volume of sales we achieved.  Hey I am not complaining by the way, but I really was tested to the limit.. in a good way!  It did, however, teach me, the queen of efficiency, to get even more efficient and for that, we needed a more space.

Which leads me to our big news, we now have an official Sarky Cow HQ.  Yep that’s right, our very own space in the world of business.


And, just after the Valentines mayhem, we moved in.

The affects are already massive, orders are going out much quicker which means I am getting through the list of new product lines I have wanted to launch for so long, much much quicker.  So.. lots of new stuff to show you in terms of new exciting designs across lots of categories.

And, while I might not have been updating the blog, I have certainly got some ideas for great topics along the way for this year.  I want to talk about wedding planning, party ideas, fun things for birthdays in general so I hope you will stick with me as The Sarky Cow enters it’s second full year of business.

Wish me luck…