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Planning a kids birthday party?

Hey are you are planning a kids birthday party?  Don’t know where to start…?


Well let me give you the benefit of my experience.  Although my kids are teens now, I love a good party and always made sure my kids parties were something to remember.  So, if you want your little lady or little dudes’ friends to talk about the event in a good way, you may want to have a gander at my pointers below.

Before you make any decisons on party themes etc, you need to decide how big you want the thing.  You could go big, invite the whole class and all the parents or you could go niche, invite a couple of close friends and make it really luxury and unique with all the posh trimmings.  A good chat with your little one about what they expect will help you decide on which way to go.

Benefits of a Small Party
– It is more affordable to make the finishing touches more luxury as there are less to buy for, for example, food, games, entertaninment and party bags and gifts.
– The experience itself can be more intimate and your daughter or son will get to spend quality time with a few friends rather than a little time with a lot.
-Depending on your daughter or sons’ personality, a small party may suit them, especially if they are a more introverted quieter child.  Big crowds and being centre of attention can bother some children while others thrive on it.  Only you know your little lady or dude well enough though to decide this.  Personally, my daughter loves the party atmosphere while my son much prefers the quiet with just a few close friends.

Cons of a Small Party
– If someone can’t make it, it can affect the outcome of the experience.  However, as they are usually very good friends of the party girl or boy, this is rare and acceptance will be usually immediate in these type of parties.

Benefits of a Big Party
– You can really make a big splash and let your daughter or son invite the whole class and family without having to place restrictions.
– There are certain entertainments that are only suitable for a big party, such as a disco, or big bouncy castle etc.  These activities would be lost on a small crowd.
– It’s a great excuse to get the whole family round and all your friends and have a good knees up.

Cons of a Big Party
– The expense of a big party can run to pretty high numbers.. Take into consideration entertainment, food, venue, party bags, bigger cake etc, it can really add up and spiral out of control.
– Does your child really have great friendships with all the children or are some kids just making up the numbers.  In other words, you could find yourself spending on children that are not all that friendly with your little dude or lady.
– It is difficult to get everyone to commit and you can find yourself trying to organise a party without true numbers.  If too many people let you down, your plans could be too big, venue to big etc to hold smaller numbers.

Once you have decided on the size of the party, you can then move onto the theme.  This will then lead to other things such as entertainment, decorations etc and is a great place to start.

A themed party is a good place to start, be it a favourite past time, a hobby or even a favourite colour scheme.  It actually makes it easier to organise all the other aspects involved in the party with a great theme.  You can couple this up with fancy dress if you like too, but bear in mind that this could prevent some people from attending and add to the expense of your guests so I would consider this carefully before making a decision.  E

Party Theme Ideas 2018
I carried out some market research with mums with children aged between 5-10.  I got a fantastic response and got a massive range of themes to work with.  I have listed them below to give you some initial ideas.

Party Ideas for Boys
Dinosaurs, cars, superheros, gaming, monsters, sports, space, pirates, aliens, emojis, football and superheros where amongst the favourite party themes for boys in 2018 whilst  mincraft, xbox, manchester united, liverpool football club, minions, lego, and starwars were still some of the old favourites.

Party Ideas for Girls
Unicorns, fairies and mermaids are still up there with the most trending ideas for party themes for girls in 2018 while the old favourites of princesses, glitter, rainbows, craft based, pamper parties, ice skating, fashion and spa days are still doing the rounds and enjoyed very much.  Newer ideas involve owls, emojies, baking, slime, flamingos and pandas, the latter of which really surprised me… Note to self; work on a panda themed party pack..

Colour schemes for girls tend to be really pale this year and these include pale pinks and rose golds with glitter while mint greens and lemons along with baby pink is also a popular theme. Boys colour schemes for parties are, in the main, the ever popular blue or reds and purples unless of course it is a football themed party then their favourite team colours trump all other colours.

Ok, so once you have picked the type of party and theme, you can now start booking things around this.  Be it a big village hall or social club room for a disco for the class or a small salon based party for a few friends and a pamper party. Either way, you will need to make a start.

To help, I have listed below a checklist of things to remember to do when planning your kids party.

By the way, I would recommend getting a notebook together so that all your phone numbers and notes are together in the same place.  Unless you are a app freak like me, and then you should definitely use . It is a project management tool which would be great for

Get a list of potential rooms and venues together including their phone numbers.  Be prepared to ring around to get your perfect date and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get your first choice, these things book quickly.  I personally would allow 3 months to book.  And, unless you are having a huge party, you could consider hosting it at your own home… Although, remember that you cannot walk away from the mess.  With regards to the size, get something big enough to hold everyone but not too big that your guests would rattle round in it and make your party look sparce.. remember it only takes a couple not to be able to make it.

Consider the time you are having the party and how long you are having it.

Write a list of people you want to invite.  I personally was always careful not to leave anyone out, there are kids that never get invited to parties, they were always the FIRST on our lists.

Think about entertainment. This is going to be in line with your theme, so for instance, if you are holding a pamper party, you may want to consider getting a specialist children’s pamper specialist who usually comes to the venue with all the supplies you need.. or if you are having a hall, you will maybe need to book a DJ who will usually co-ordinate games during the day.  If you are having a good old fashioned bbq in the garden, you can get some great over sized garden games for the lawn.  I have not listed any suppliers for these suppliers as they tend to be very localised so best to find them yourself or ask around for a recommendation.

So, now you have decided on a big or small party , picked a date, wrote a list of people to invite and thought about entertainment.  There are a few other bits and pieces you need to think about and I have listed them below.

Kids Party Food
What food are you going to serve? Who are you going to feed? Parents, children, entertainment? I always like to do finger food mixed with some fun food, like chocolate fondue, or a sweet buffet.   I love to look on Pinterest for ideas and then write a food list.  My food shopping list is then written from this and off I go, the day before the party of course.  Make what you can the day before to give you a head start and then do the last minute bits on the morning of the party.  Oh and unless you want a nervous breakdown, use tin foil and not cling film..

Kids Party Invitations
These should ideally be in line with your theme.  Now you can buy a standard regular pack of party invitations from the local supermarket or you can go bespoke and get some custom made invitations made just for your little one.  These will usually be themed and personalised.  Below are some great suppliers I have found from Etsy.. I have based my findings on their product lines and their customer reviews which is something you should always check.


Alice Palace

Kids Party Games
The games you choose will largely be based on the other decisions you have made, so I have given a few suppliers for you to check out and decide for yourself.  I am also going to be blogging about kids party games very soon that you can do yourself.  So, watch this space.

Kids Party Decorations
I particularly like the style of these shops below, and I am sure if you got in touch with them they will have a further range of designs up their sleeve.

That Perfect Party

Welsh Crafter

Fun Party Clothes
Some shops on Etsy do fab tee shirts for kids, and if you do go with a theme, this would pair up great.  But don’t take my word for it, have a mooch yourself.

Menagerie of Mayhem

Little Secret Gifts

Kids Party Cake
Now, I know you may want to source your cake locally but if you are having a go at doing it yourself, you can always get a great themed handmade party topper.  They are often personalised too.  Check out the shops below on Etsy.

Alex Clay Store

Chibichi Design

Maries Bakehouse

Personalised Party Bags for boys and girls
Now of course, if you have reached this far, you will see that The Sarky Cow has introduced a range of personalised party bags.   All bags are themed and include badges and sweet jars, which can include sweets or be provided empty.  And, we do quirky little glasses for kids.. But watch this space, this collection is only going to grow and grow.. Click through below to our Etsy shop for our current collection and get in touch if you have a great theme in mind.


The Sarky Cow Gifts

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So, I will end it there for you.  I hope I have given you just a few pointers in planning a children’s party.. Mostly, have fun!!


Paula 🙂