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Utter Madness Continues..

Well, the orders have not died down and even when other online sellers are complaining of quiet months, we are growing month on month!! No complaints here, but it does mean my time has been spent filling orders and shipping with the fab help of my sarky crew, namely, my daughter Rebecca. (Who, incidentally did very well today at GCSE results day, I cried I was that happy for her.)  But, I did remind her and her friends that if they were disappointed with any results, that the greats walked out of school with nothing and they should remember that!!  Passion and hard work gets us everywhere doesn’t it?

Anyway, what’s new at Sarky HQ?

Personalised Gift Boxes
These have gone down a treat, much better received than I originally thought and we have only introduced them on Etsy at the minute, not our Sarky Cow on Amazon.  They are currently £5.50 which in comparison to a standard personalised box without the ribbon option is just about half the price.  Of course you have to buy them alongside a glass, but with the complete gift being at under £20, I personally think it is a steal.  I know I know I am biased and all that.


Sarky Gift Cards
This is only a little change but I was quite pleased at how nice they have turned out.  Every order gets one, we think it is important that the Sarky love is spread.. do you?

Personalised cards

Personalised Sweet Jars
Our new personalised sweet jars are a huge hit, and are forming a good chunk of the orders going out.. And, me being me, never knowing when to stop, I created over 80 different varieties of design.  I don’t make it easy for myself.  And, I have another million ideas in my head.. Watch this space!!  It is difficult keeping my hands out of the sweet stock though, this is definitely my downfall.  Anyone with any tips on ‘how to stop being a greedy git’ would be really helpful right now before every tooth needs pulling and my hips get yet another inch wider.




Our Website
Yep, that’s right, I have finally got round to populating the website.  I am still on the personalised glasses categories up to now, but will be moving on to cards and sweets very very soon.  I am trying to get things just right, and I am also bringing out some product lines that will only be available on the website so I look forward to sharing them with you…  Aiming to get this up for October but don’t quote me, these things take longer than planned.

New Cards?
Yep I have lots of new funny product lines, the only problem is that they are in my head currently and will not be moving anytime soon until someone can provide me with a clone of myself.  Jokes aside, I aim to get these out by the end of the year mwhahaha.

Other Products
I know I know, I need to sort my shizzle out before I get onto new products but I am so excited because I have other fab glass designs for kids on the cards and also new products that I am not going to announce just in case, in Willy Wonka fashion, that someone out there is reading this with less than great intentions. ;).

So, that is what I have been up to, in a nutshell.  On a personal level, we have exchanged our car for a VW campervan and to say my wings have been unclipped is an understatement.  My weekends are spent alongside any river or water we can find, being inspired to create new designs and product ranges for The Sarky Cow catalogue of fun and also enjoying a tipple or two.  If there are any other campers out there, please feel free to introduce yourselves.. In fact, anyone is free to introduce yourself to me, I love to chat to new people so go for it!!

Until the next time, and I promise it will be soon…  thanks for reading!!


Paula x

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