Sarky Updates

We are off on a break…

Don’t panic (not that you were or anything).  It is only for one week, I can’t stay away from Sarky that long, I am as obsessed with the business as much now as the day I opened it, if not more actually.  The Sarky Cow is my life, just after my husband and kids and parents of course.  It is my biggest enjoyment in life after family and I love developing and creating and all the other things being a small business owner brings, including doing the dishes, cleaning the toilets and hoovering.. (which when you are working with glitter is no mean feat, let me tell you).

We are going on holiday, myself and hubby that is, Jay.  We have recently bought a camper van (life long dream) and while we have nipped out for a few weekends, we are taking him on a week long trip all the way dooon south and back with a few stops on the way for the first time.  I am sooo excited, I really am.  The plan is, there is no plan.  Well, a sketchy one but literally that can change and it is this aspect what makes van life so exciting and free.  The open road is just what my personality thrives off and I feel like this is what I have been missing all my life.

As with any other holiday I have as a self employed person, I have to work a gazillion hours before I go in preparation.  All orders had to be shipped before I left so that i can enjoy myself knowing that all my customers are happy.  I will still be taking messages and chatting along the way but I could not settle if I knew any orders were outstanding.  So, this weekend has been mainly spent in the office getting stuff done.

I just wish I had the same level of prep spirit when it come to ironing.  In my defence, I did get the iron and ironing board out this morning to prompt me to do some clothes but errmm, I somehow didn’t get round to it, in fact I think this blog has taken the blame for my creased clothes.  They’ll get done, it might be just ten minutes before we drive away… what’s the rush hey??

I have my list on Trello (my most favourite project management tool), and in the morning I will be up and at em at 7, ironing will be done in 10, van packed in 20 and on the road in 30.  Alright, slight exaggeration, I will have to wait for Jay to get out of bed, have 47 cups of coffee, download some TV for the evenings and have a meltdown when I realise nothing fits me anymore.  *pulls out stretchy jeans and baggy tops for the 18th holiday in a row.  So maybe we will leave at 11 ish..

And, on that note, I am going to go up the apple and pears and get some beauty sleep.

No doubt I will return with another million trazillion ideas that I will have to execute before Christmas, as this is what a break does for me, it helps me get creative!!

But, that is what I love!

So, I will see you when I get back.  Till then…

Paula 🙂
Chief Sarky Cow