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Personalised Wine Glasses Galore

I say personalised wine glasses galore because to say I hit the ground running on my return is an understatement.  I had extended my processing times before my holiday as I did not want to mislead anyone with our usual fast shipping that we usually offer.  Usually this means that sales will slow down a little as most want things pretty fast, but not this time!! I come home to a sea of well appreciated orders.  My days since Monday have been spent printing and sending cards and prepping personalised wine glass orders and the whole lot went out today with the help of the lovely Joan.  I am thrilled to be up to date so quickly after a break.  Tomorrow we prep for friday’s shipping!

This leads me to our new exciting news.  We have a proper real life staff member now and this is going to make such a difference.  Joan, who has been a stay at home mum for a while, has done a fab job with her two kids, was looking for a part time job and a mutual friend put us in touch with each other.  I think she may just be the saviour I have been looking for and I’m excited for her to get cozy in her new role.  She seemed to enjoy her first day today and I hope that continues.

The Sarky Cow Website

Owing to my tenacity and working relentlessly, The Sarky Cow website is on track for completion around the end of October so fingers crossed all this working till midnight pays off.  I am currently working on the personalised wine glasses category and custom sweet jars to follow.  Lastly will be the funny cards to be listed, then it will all systems go to marketing it and getting it out there in the world wide web!!  I am excited to have our own independent space on the web.  I have to say though, I have a great web designer Jenny, who knows the ins and outs of shopify like the back of her hand.  When it comes to tidying it all up, I just know she is going to need some pain relief.  If you are in need of a website helper, contact Jenny at her facebook page, Jenny Lei Design.

Facebook and Instagram

Right, I am going to be honest, in the past I have been awful at social media, like really really bad.  I totally rely on my online geeky knowledge and great fun products to get sales, and I see others totally rocking social media with a great following.  And, I know that people love my stuff as my sales and reviews show this, but because I am a greedy buggar I want to now conquer the world of social media and build a fun community, simply because I love being social, I love to chat, I love to make people laugh in real life so why shouldn’t all this work online?   But, I need your help.. would you be willing to come on over to either instagram or facebook, or both even and join me on my business journey?  I promise I will give you the odd giggle as alcohol memes are my total favourite.

Anyway, I will leave you to it, thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you over there on social.

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Paula 🙂