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Personalised Dog Treat Jars

Personalised Dog Treat Jars

To say I am overwhelmed by the response of our personalised dog treat jars is an understatement.  After much research, I picked out the top 8 dog breeds and used them as a starting point for the collection.  They include:  Bichon Frise, Beagle, Basset Hound, German Shephed, Frenchie and of course the ever popular Pug.  Orders have been flooding in from Etsy and Amazon and I have not even launched our new website yet.. (watch this space) so hopefully they will be a hit with the general public too.

personalised dog treat jars

Now, these are just for starters.  I am totally relying on you to tell me all about your pooch.  So, if you do have a breed that you would like to see, just get in touch and we will certainly try to sort out a design to suit you.

Oh, and the quotes.. Can’t forget about them.  As well as your pooches name on the front, with a picture of the breed, you also get a choice of funny/cute quotes to put on the back.  And, if that is not enough, if you have a funny quote of your own, maybe it is something cute relating to your own dog, you can even choose that.

Funny dog treat jars

Now, although I am a dog owner myself and kinda always have been, I still felt like I needed to do a bit of research.  You know, find out what is in the world of dogs, who was selling what and how much etc.  Incidentally, I really think our jars are one of a kind tbf.  Anyway, I digress.  I came across a handful of shops (including one of my friends, I’m not gonna lie), that I think are doing great doggie trade and need some shouting about.  I have listed these below and hope you get a minute to check them out.

Homemade Dog Treats

And, as my baking is awful, and I thought you may like to fill it with nice tasty handmade treats for your pooch, I have taken the liberty of finding you a great Etsy shop that specialises in this delicacy. Fussy Pups is a UK based shop that specialises in dog treats and doggie birthday cakes.  I would advise you getting in touch and I must say, I have not tasted them haha, but if I was a pooch I would be very tempted.

Handmade Dog Collars

Now, although handmade dog collars are not edible, they certainly are something to show off for sure.  Pampered Pooch is owned by a very good friend of mine, Lindsey who is in the process of designing a fab collection of winter and Christmas collars and matching leads.  So, if you have a pooch in need of pampering, you may want to get in touch.  Just think of the insta pics…

Dog Teepees

Wigglewams is an amazing maker of dog teepees, don’t ask me how I thought of them because my two basset hounds would be far too fat and long to get in one but they are so amazing for those small and cuddly dogs I occasionally wish I had haha.  Have a mooch for your pooch ( did ya see what I did there??).

Dog Lead Holder

Global Design Gifts is one shop I came across that was also a bit quirky and although they are not totally dedicated to pets, their lead holders are really quirky and the craftsmanship is second to none for sure.  Anyway, as usual mooch for your pooch.

I hope you have took my advice and had a look at these recommendations, I really want to support other handcrafted business along the way.  It is true that they do a happy dance when someone orders from them you know so if you are gonna treat the pampered pooch in your life, stay unique, just like your pet and at the same time support a family who is trying their best to build a business to support them and often their own pets and/or children.

Anyway, if you fancy a chat, leave a comment but if not, thanks for reading and hope you come back soon.


Paula x