Wedding Planning Checklist


Wedding Planning Checklist

Not sure if you knew, but I was a florist in a previous life for 12 years specialising in weddings and events. In fact, we were the first in our town to do chair covers, can you believe that? I actually feel like a dinosaur!!  Anyway, I digress.  We did over 75 weddings per year and had 3 hotel contracts for their venue decorating needs, so to say I picked up a bit of knowledge about weddings would be an understatement.  As far as I know the new florist is continuing what I set up quite nicely.

Bridal party gifts

So, now I am a Sarky Cow, we are fast becoming a real go to place for gifts for bridesmaids, glasses for groomsman and gifts for best man, and the rest of the bridal party to be honest and I am once again finding myself in the world of weddings.  I have to say I missed the buzz of it so I am more than happy to be back involved in people’s special days.

Anyway, I thought it may be useful for my brides if I do a series of blogs that provide some information that I feel would be useful when planning a wedding.  I am going to start with a checklist that will need going through step by step and I will do this over the next few months.

Wedding Checklist

The following is a list of things you will need to consider in depth and this is just a starting point.  You may not choose all of them but that is the beauty of it.  It is your wedding, your big day so you get to add in or leave out whatever elements you choose.

  1. Set a date. Bright summers day? Fresh spring day? Autumnal colours in your pics or winter wonderland? Weekday or weekend? Lots to consider.
  2. Ask the bridal party. Choose a special way to ask those who you want to be in your big day.  It is en trend at the moment to choose a quirky way to do this.  We ourselves do a great range of WYBM (will you be my) glasses and cards.  My personal tip would be to carefully consider who you have as they will be in your pics for the rest of your life and you may live to regret it, so choose wisely.
  3. Choose a venue.  There are lots of things to consider when choosing a venue and I have some great tips on how to get a great deal from your venue and things to look out for in order to get good value in upcoming blog posts.
  4. Dress Shopping.  Decide who you want to go with you, in my opinion less is more in this case and I also think you will be more welcomed in bridal shops if you don’t go in with a tribe.
  5. Florist. This is obviously my speciality so I will be able to offer a really unbiased opinion in what you should look for when choosing and how you know you have chose the right one.
  6. Venue Decoration.  I have lots of advice for this one, but the most important is that they ‘get your vision’.  If you feel they are not getting you, don’t book them.  You will find someone who will, I promise.
  7. Entertainment. Now this covers a big spectrum and really depends on the type of wedding you want and the demographics of the guests you are inviting.  Both adults and children should be accounted for and you should decide if you want a classy sophisticated event or a really unadulterated fun party.
  8. Photographer/videographer. This is the one thing you will have left after your big day so should not be taken lightly as you cannot go back and recreate your big day.
  9. Cake Maker. So many to choose from but trust me when I say that you can tell the difference on the day between a cakemaker and a GREAT cakemaker.
  10. Rings.  Now, that is total personal taste!! It is not my speciality and your fashion sense will certainly come into this one.
  11. Stag Night / Hen Night. Do you want a big event or several small ones, are you going away or do you want to do one on a budget?  What age groups are going etc? Lots to think about here.
  12. Travel to and from the venue. Trains, planes and automobiles… ok, more like horse and carriage, mercedes car or a bentley.  Great photoprops for sure and something to give a bit of consideration to.
  13. Honeymoon. First of all are you having one? Is it in the budget or are you looking for a few days away.  Do you want something off the beaten track or something more traditional.
  14. Bridal Party Gifts. Who are you buying for and how much do you want to spend. Are they all having the same or do you want individual gifts that represent them.
  15. Invitations. Consider save the dates, day times, evening invitations, table numbers, menus, placecards etc etc..
  16. Hair and Beauty.  Who is having their hair and beauty done, are you having trials, who is paying etc.  All things to think about.

Other things to consider


2. Wedding insurance

So, the list above will help you with your budget as you sit with each of the providers and get some quotes together.   This is the biggest event you will probably ever organise and one of the most expensive so you should try your best to get it right.

I promise I will be back with more indepth tips and tricks on how to get good value, ways to diy certain elements and how to make sure it goes without a hitch (pardon the pun).

So, until then.


Paula x