Setting The Date

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Setting Your Wedding Date

So, he’s popped the question (or you have), the engagement is official and the wedding is now an actual real event for you to plan, how exciting!! But before you actually start the plans and book the church/venue, it is wise to consider a few factors.

I take my experience from my own personal wedding 16 years ago (I know, just call me Paulasaurus), and from my 14 years in the wedding industry with 12 of those as a florist and venue decorator (when they were rare).  I assisted brides in various ways then and I am making it official now with this wedding series on The Sarky Cow blog.

I have compiled a list of ramblings for you to consider, you don’t have to take any notice of any of it, but if there is a nugget of information that is useful, then my work here is done.

The Seasons

Getting Married Abroad
Either here or abroad you should consider the seasons and the affect that will have on your day.  For example, getting married in Florida in October could be massively affected by hurricanes, an August wedding in Greece could be difficult if your dream wedding dress is a fairy princess style and you don’t handle the heat well.

Over here, we kinda, roughly, approximately have 4 seasons and your overall style could be affected by the seasonal cultures and styles.  For instance, if you love earthy colours like reds, oranges and yellows, autumn would fit in with your style.  If you want deep red roses with berries and orange trailing ameranthus, this season would also suit.  Likewise, if you love rich velvet bridesmaid dresses or fur shrugs.

However, if you love pastels and soft gysophelia with pale pink avalanche roses and mimi eden spray roses and freesia, a summer wedding may be up your street.  If you love sheer fabric and light and airy bridesmaid gowns with an off the shoulder bridal gown for yourself, a nice sunny day would suit this style down to the ground.

Now, I am not saying you cannot get married in the winter with an off the shoulder dress, or with pale pink roses etc.  I am simply saying you may want to consider these elements so that if you are someone who likes all the style factors to sit well together, they won’t conflict with their surroundings so much.


When setting the date, you may also want to consider your budget and the cost implications.  If you are set on a Saturday in August, then you will probably have to bite the bullet and pay for that privilege but if you are not so concerned about that, then you do have other options.

There are a few ways to cut down the cost with your date in mind and I have outlined a few I have thought of.

Getting married on an unusual day like Friday 13th can get you a really good deal, and any venue that will not consider a good discount for picking this day is dilusional because not many people will pick this date for superstitious reasons.  Now, I am no marriage guidance counsellor but if your wedding is going to fail because you got married on that date, it really was never destined to survive in my not so humble opinion.  You may want to consider this option.

If fresh flowers are important to you, resist the urge for a valentines day wedding or a date near mothers day (that changes every year so do your homework).  Flowers are tripled in value on this day (and a couple of weeks before hand) and it will also be a peak time in a hotel as they can make lots of money with restaurant bookings so I am sure you will pay a premium there too.

Dates on a Sunday, or midweek are usually a great way to get more bang for your buck so to speak, with lots of venues offering brides and grooms great deals for filling their hotel in a usually quite time of the week.  You will have to consider your guests and the impact this will have on them though.  If all of your guests have work on the Monday, are they as likely to let their hair down on a Sunday wedding?  If it is midweek, can they get time of work or will they resent having to do this.  All things to consider.

Wedding Planning Time

Do you want plenty of time to plan your wedding or are you happy to do it more or less straight way.  I personally did mine within 8 months as I am not a big planner person when it comes to events but I can certainly understand those that want to really take their time with the finer details and get everything just right.  For this, you may want more time and the date should reflect the time you need to plan, budget, save and organise.

I know, these things may seem the obvious, but they really wouldn’t have been to me when I was planning a wedding.  This is the the first time usually that brides are planning an event this big and the elements involved are not always clear.  So, I hope it has helped you new brides on your way.

Next time I will be discussing who to ask to be part of your big day and what to consider when doing so..

Thanks for reading this far, and until next time.


The Sarky Cow

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