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It’s that time of year..

New Year, New Stuff
I really love this time of year, fresh blank pages for the whole year and time to plan in some great new ideas for The Sarky Cow.  I have so many ideas, I have to plan and prioritise them, but this is the bit I really enjoy.  I love to put a strategy into place, research the market and design a collection that I think people want, that hopefully others have not thought of.   There will be lots more collections to come but I thought it would be nice to start the year with the start of new life, I’m a bit soppy about stuff like that.

New Baby Collection
So, first on the list was our ‘New Baby Collection’ which has now been added to our shiny new website.  Now I am not saying that there are not other new baby collections from other business’, that would be ridiculous, but not like ours.  We have catered for everything from baby announcements, especially for new nanas and grandads, or grandpas, to gender reveal ideas for both baby girls and baby boys.  We have included designs to cover baby shower gifts for both the new mum and new dad.  We have even included a range of ‘will you by my godmother and will you be my godfather’, glasses.

Hey, but we love to hear about what you think, if you think there is something we have missed that would be good, get in touch.. We are all ears!

Sneaky peak at the designs below. Our full range can be seen on our new website. At £10.50 each and the option to add a personalised box, do you really need to look elsewhere? (Okay okay that was a bit salesy but a girl’s gotta eat.)

The Sarky Cow Website


Other Stuff to Report
Christmas was an overwhelming success.. We are so lucky to have such fantastic customers who support us and are so understanding through our busiest time.  We sent over 800 glasses in 600 plus orders and I think we did a pretty good job at it.  The strategies I put in place meant we seen sales increase by over 80% on last year.

I was disappointed though that we had to close our order book on the 11th December and next year I aim to increase our capacity to make, so that we can accept some more orders, I really hated letting people down and saying no to more orders but getting them out on time was priority.  However, after every year of business, we develop, learn and grow.  We will get more personalised glasses out to you all for Christmas next year. Hey by then we may even have another exciting new product range to launch.. but I will keep that secret for now.

What’s next?
Well, with Valentines looming and Mother’s Day after that we will be kept busy.  Add to that our bridal collection that we are adding to and we will barely have time to breath.  But blog wise, I will be adding to the wedding planning series I started last year and keeping everyone updated in the growth of The Sarky Cow (for those that are interested).  I personally am always interested in the growth of a new business but totally understand those who are not which is why I try to mix up this blog with a bit of everything.

So, until next time.

Thanks for reading.

Paula 🙂