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Wedding Flowers Cost

Ok, this is the first question I hear repeatedly and like anything else, really it comes down to what you want, how many people you are catering for and just how much you want flowers to play a part in your big day.   In order to even begin to consider your flower costs though, you really have to look at who traditionally has them and what designs they traditionally have. You may be asking yourself, who even has buttonhole flowers at weddings? Who carries a bouquet etc? With all this knowledge,  you can decide if you want to follow this list or pick and choose who you want to include or leave out.  That way, you have some sort of budget.  I have compiled a list below.  Hey if you are just planning your wedding by the way, you might want to check out my wedding planning checklist.

Now, you have to remember that I am a tad bias with this topic as I was a florist for 12 years and I obviously think they are more important than the groom… (jokes, but they are really really close).

Actually, surprisingly I am actually going to be really objective, I always have been really.  I think it is important to keep it real.  When I spoke to a bride who was either on a budget or really did not value flowers but wanted them, then I would suggest basic cheaper flowers and by contrast, some brides expressed their love for all things floral and wanted to get their ‘style’ with flowers.  For these brides we would go all in, and specialist varieties would be discussed and lavish displays explored.

Now, I was going to do one big huge blog filled with flowery stuff, but I feel that this is better in chunks as there are so many questions asked on a regular basis.    Firstly, as mentioned above, who even has wedding flowers in the bridal party and what designs should they have?

The list I have compiled consists of fresh flowers and the prices are the range I used to charge.  As far as I am aware, flowers are the same price regardless of your location in the country but rent and rates are not.  Florists in the south of England may be higher so don’t shoot them down, their costs can be through the roof.  I am in the North, to give you some idea.  Don’t forget either that in comparison to other service providers, they actually have the highest costs.  And, contrary to popular belief, the price doesn’t go up when the word wedding is mentioned, higher grade flowers are generally used in order to last the majority of the day out of water and to get the right colours and sizes.  The flowers in the supermarket may occasionally look the same but I can assure you they are not, just check the stem length and your eyes will be opened. (Flowers are usually priced on stem length with the longer stem being more valuable.) This is a general rule by the way, as some flowers differ but I speak to the masses here, not to the specialist.. that is not the aim of the blog.

I have given a range but in all honesty, the prices were usually the starting point as this price was for nice general flowers such as roses, gerbera, and standard lillies.  Extra costs come in when brides wanted calla lillies, orchids and really unusual roses, or if they wanted more than 5 varieties of flowers in their bouquet.

Who has wedding flowers?

Bridal Flowers
Now, this is the obvious one.  This bouquet should stand out and be obvious that it is for one of the main people in the room.  Brides bouquets can come in many shapes and sizes and should suit the brides size and proportions.  For instance, if you are carrying extra weight and want a shower bouquet it should be a bit wider to perhaps cover your tummy.  Likewise, if you are tall, it should be a proportion of your length.  I am not going to give all florist secrets away though, but I certainly used to make a note of the height of a bride in order to make sure that the flowers flattered her figure and did not cover the most detailed part of her dress.

Shower Bouquet From £75 – £150
Handtied Bouquet £65 – £100
Wrist Corsage £25 – £40
Standard Corsage  £15
Flower hoops – price would be on consultation

Bridesmaid Flowers (same flowers as bride but smaller versions)
Shower Bouquet £65 – £85
Handtied Bouquet £45
Wrist Corsage £20
Standard Corsage £15

Flower Girls Flowers
Handtied Bouquet £25
Loose Pommanders £30
Flower Wand £15
Basket £25

Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom Flowers
Wrist Corsage £25
Standard Corsage £15

Extra Special Buttonhole £6 – £10

Groomsmen / Father of the Bride / Father of the Groom
Special Buttonhole £3.50

Carnation Buttonhole £1.50
Rose Buttonhole £3.50
Mini Gerbera Buttonhole £2.50

I hope this guide of wedding costs, helps with your overall wedding planning.  I would like you to remember though that I was a savvy shopper and I imported direct from holland missing out the middle man in the UK.  I wanted fresher than fresh and also to be able to pass on my savings and give a good price for a great service.

How to choose your florist
I am going to cover this more in depth in future blogs but I will give you one piece of advice.  Make sure they are either qualified (I was to an advanced level), or bench trained especially when dealing in fresh flowers.  Lack of experience or you tube training is not good enough in my opinion.  I personally can spot a non florist a mile off and they may think their flowers look as good as a real florist, but they don’t in my eyes. They rarely have the right balance or proportion and the form is generally all wrong. Your flowers are on your pictures for the rest of your life.  Your food isn’t and is eaten within 20 minutes but you wouldn’t get a person who watched a few cooking programmes to feed your guests, so honestly for the extra few quid, get something that is going to compliment your gorgeous dress that you have paid a fortune for.  As my mother constantly says, don’t spoil the ship for a haypeth of tar.. I know I know it’s olde English, but it conveys what I mean.

Anyway, I have waffled enough for now.  I hope you find this useful.  If you have you may want to check out blogs coming up soon. You may even want to read previous blogs including: Things to consider when setting the date.  There are quite a few blogs already written in this series so worth grabbing a cuppa and making notes.

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Coming up soon:

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Flowers varieties

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Thanks for reading, till next time.


Paula x

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