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Shiny New Website

Well, stick a fork in me… I’m done!!

Well, for now I am.  671 products later and the website is now officially ‘up to date’ with all cards, glasses, sweet jars, and dog treat jars listed.  It is very shiny and new although I still have a gazillion things I want to do, the main thing is, it is populated!!

I am feeling a little bit chuffed with my lil ole self to be honest, I have worked really really hard since October and have done every last listing myself.  I have others helping with other parts of the business but the website is my baby.. it was a winging little so and so at times as well, I don’t mind saying.  Oh no wait, that was me winging about being tired.. yeah sorry ’bout that.  So, to keep things short and sweet, no more empty product pages which drove me up the wall.

If you would like to stroke my ego and check it out, please do.  And, if you see any errors, grammatical or otherwise, please tell me.. I am a big girl and can take it honestly.

Thanks for letting me be totally self indulgent.. Till the next time.


Chief Sarky