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Things To Do With Your Dad On Father’s Day

Celebrating father’s day does not have to break the bank and you don’t have to do the obvious things either in order to create memories and show him that you care.  In fact, personally I think that eating out in a restaurant is over rated, rushed and really quite predictable.

I was researching for myself for ideas for my dad, until I realised he is touring Japan (again) and will be away.  I will organise a hike and picnic I think for him when he gets back as I know that is the type of thing he would certainly enjoy.

But, it did give me an idea for a blog and here we are!!

I have outlined various ideas of activities for you to do as a family which, if you are anything like our family will give you a good laugh, some great memories and even a pic or two for Facebook and Instagram.  They will certainly show your dad that you care, that is for sure.

  1.  Mini Golf / Real Golf.  🏌🏼
    Has he got the competitive spirit?  Does he like a good walk?  Everywhere has a local indoor and outdoor mini or crazy golf course.
  2. Go to a game of football / rugby / cricket etc.  🏈
    If he is into sports, a day at a match could be just the thing.  You can enjoy and pint and a pie too.
  3. Fishing  🐠
    This is apparently where you sit by some water with a big stick and try to catch fish that are just trying to get on with their day swimming, minding their own business.  Bear with me, I know this is all very sporty, but the list gets more diverse I promise.
  4. Day out walking or hiking.  🚶
    This would certainly be my dad for sure.  You can get a picnic together, pick a nice country park and have good conversation and a relax at the end with some nice food.  This doesn’t have to be anything really long or strenuous either.  Even if the weather is not great, put a raincoat on and take a flask for the car afterwards.
  5. Brewery visit 🍻
    This is for the non competitive, more relaxed type of dad.
  6. Food and Drinks Fayre🍺
    Just literally google it, I bet there is a market or food fayre on somewhere.  If your dad is a foody, he might just enjoy this type of thing.
  7. Do a BBQ.🍔
    Get his favourite food in, some good drinks and invite the family round for a get together.  Sometimes, everyone in the garden can be just the thing.
  8. Local Go Kart Track  🚙
    Here we are again with the competitive dad thing.. But a lot are you know!
  9. The Pub
    Traditional I know, but sometimes a couple of pints down the local boozer is just what your dad wants.  He may even do some dad dancing afterwards!
  10. Massage  💆‍♂️
    Does he complain about his aches and pains?  An appointment at his local massage parlour, or osteopath might be just the thing for your dad this fathers day.
  11. Steak Dinner🍗
    What Dad doesn’t like a steak dinner?  But home cooked, with all his favourite trimmings.
  12. Concert / Gig  🎸
    Now this would suit my husband down to the ground. Take him to see his favourite band or a good tribute act.  Couple of pints before hand and a good sing can be a great way to create fun memories
  13. Museum Tour  🎭
    Is he into his history?  Is he always watching those documentary things on the TV about things that happened years ago, does he like the history channel?  If so, this could be what you need to do.  Humour him if it is not your thing, you might learn a thing or two.
  14. Water Activity🏄
    Now this could be a range of things from hiring a boat on a lake, a canal boat day out or doing some water sports locally.  Kayaking is great for instance and won’t break the bank.
  15. A Class👩‍🏫
    Does your dad have a hobby?  Maybe he has taken up cookery or painting?  You could find a local course and send him on it where he will get to spend the day doing something he is really interested in.

Right, I think that 15 ideas is a pretty good start so I will leave it there… I am now going to chat to our kids and pick one to do for us to do with my husband..

Till the next time and thanks for reading.



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