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Well, to be honest it feels like my feet haven’t touched the ground for the last few months and in a really good way.  But it does mean that all blogging and emails have been at a stand still and my time has been spent literally filling orders and getting them out to our customers asap…. I cannot describe how busy we have been so THANK YOU all for your support and custom.

I am so grateful that I get to do the job I love every day and it is because I have some fantastic customers.  I know I would not be able to do this without you so every order is really welcome and important.  This sounds really cheesy doesn’t it?  But it is just true, so in a nutshell, I am grateful. Thanks.  I even did two whole weeks on my own while my fab team mate was sunning herself in sunny Spain, let me tell you, I felt it!! So, Joan gets my heartfelt gratitude too for all her hard work and efficiency.

What else?  Well in April we had to upgrade our office and we moved into our bigger and better studio space.  I am excited to show pics off and will do once I have made it look a bit prettier and a bit more ‘Sarky Cow’.  Then I will be shouting from the rooftops and posting a few pics.  I might even do a little studio tour on you tube.  We’ll see.  Little sneaky peak before the full makeover blog below.


The most exciting news for me though is that I have managed to soft launch my newest designs, my handmade note books.  I am a total stationery freak at heart so thought I would bring this passion into The Sarky Cow and I am really excited about all the new product lines that I have ideas for.  It has taken months of research and development before I perfected the final design but I am thrilled with the final design.  And, I am delighted to say that after days of listing them on our website , Etsy and Amazon they started selling..  I am going to do a full blog about these also with videos and stuff, I just need that extra couple of spare hours.

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And, now we are approaching September I just know that Christmas is around the corner which as an online retailer is the most busy time on the planet.. A great type of busy but 4 weeks of 12 hour days and no weekends leaves little time for anything other than creating orders and getting them out to everyone on time.

So, during September I will be finalising the personalised notebook product lines, adding 400 plus card designs to Amazon and generally getting ready for the Christmas rush.

Anyway, if you reached this far, thanks for reading and I will update you all very soon on the latest at Sarky Cow HQ.


Paula x