Thrilled you made it…
Welcome to the Sarky Cow, get yourself comfy, grab a beer/wine/cuppa tea (delete as appropriate) and have a mooch at our blog.

A bit about us.
Although the original Sarky Cow and owner, Paula, has been alive and well for 42 years, the business itself was established in 2015.  And, what started with a range of rather edgy cards and glasses, we have since introduced The Cheeky Cow collection which focuses more on quirky and funny glitter glasses which cover all occasions such as birthday, weddings, graduation etc etc… You get the picture,  Oh and we are not stopping there, we are currently developing a personalised collection which we are really excited about and cannot wait for the launch.

Join The Herd
Please keep your eyes to the ground…. In fact, sign up to our blog and join The Herd (just on the right panel of this text), and you can be amongst the first to have a peek.

On a Personal Note
We are very much a family business and everyone here has a hand in getting out designs to our fellow herd from The Sarky Cow studio.

Where to Buy?
Until we launch our very own website which we are aiming to do early 2018, we currently sell both on Amazon and Etsy, both of which have very easy to use platforms and give all our customers a great sense of confidence.  You will find links to all of these platforms above, click on the link ‘Shop with Us’.

Anyway.. any questions please just email us at thesarkycow@yahoo.com or grab us on any of the social sites where we hang out, all listed in the side panel to the right.

Until then, enjoy and thanks for dropping in.