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Personalised Dog Treat Jars

Personalised Dog Treat Jars To say I am overwhelmed by the response of our personalised dog treat jars is an understatement.  After much research, I picked out the top 8 dog breeds and used them as a starting point for the collection.  They include:  Bichon Frise, Beagle, Basset Hound, German Shephed, Frenchie and of course… Continue reading Personalised Dog Treat Jars

Sarky Updates

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Personalised Wine Glasses Galore I say personalised wine glasses galore because to say I hit the ground running on my return is an understatement.  I had extended my processing times before my holiday as I did not want to mislead anyone with our usual fast shipping that we usually offer.  Usually this means that sales will… Continue reading Back to it.