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Studio Tour – The Cow Shed

So, I was going to do an all singing, all dancing video of the new studio with fancy pants background music and everything... but I have had to put my Speilberg career on hold to complete orders, because obviously they take priority. But, I do feel like I have to blog about it (aka show… Continue reading Studio Tour – The Cow Shed

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Well, to be honest it feels like my feet haven't touched the ground for the last few months and in a really good way.  But it does mean that all blogging and emails have been at a stand still and my time has been spent literally filling orders and getting them out to our customers… Continue reading Latest Mooos

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Personalised Wine Glasses Galore I say personalised wine glasses galore because to say I hit the ground running on my return is an understatement.  I had extended my processing times before my holiday as I did not want to mislead anyone with our usual fast shipping that we usually offer.  Usually this means that sales will… Continue reading Back to it.