Anniversary Glasses

Personalised Champagne Glasses
If you have a special wedding anniversary coming up and want to give a thoughtful gift, then one of The Cheeky Cows personalised anniversary champange sets will do the trick perfectly.

Whether it is your mums and dads’ golden wedding anniversary or a friends special ruby wedding anniversary, there is a set of champagne flutes to suit.  And, because we have taken the time to add 2 trending colours (navy and rose gold) to our previous 16, we now have 18 glitter colours to choose from.

To help you choose the colour of the glasses you want, there is a list below with anniversarys that you many want to buy a personalised gift for.

8 years    –    Bronze
25 years  –    Silver
30 years  –    Pearl
35 years  –    Coral
40 years  –    Ruby
45 years  –    Sapphire
50 years  –    Golden
55 years  –   Emerald
50 years  –   Diamond

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Anniversary Glasses

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