Screaming Orgasm – The Sequel

Here’s the thing, it is all well and good me telling you to create full on cocktails for everyone at the party, but sometimes the budget wont stretch… which is totally understandable after you have bought all the food, the gazebo in case it rains and all that extra beer for those that don’t bring any!

So, I tried the shot version and honestly, I think that it will impress just as much, if not more.  You can pick up shot glasses fairly cheap from the local supermarket, or if you want super posh ones, you can get them personalised from The Cheeky Cow .  I envisage a tray full of these ready for when the party starts, but I would do them just before they arrive or the cream will fall into the rest of the cocktail and you will lose the impact.  You could even do them half way through the party, they really don’t take long.

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These cocktail shots can be done on a budget for sure, using a cheap vodka, even a cheap baileys substitute but below I have written out the recipe I used.

What you will need:
Cocktail Shaker
Silver Measuring Cup

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Recipe for One Shot
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Baileys
1 oz Tia Maria
1 oz Coffee Liqeur
1 x Strawberry
Squirty Cream in a Can
Flake chocolate or normal chocolate grated

Put the vodka, baileys, tia maria and coffee liqueur in the shaker with some ice to make it cold.  Give it a shake for a good few minutes to ensure all alcohol is mixed well.

Pour the shaken cocktail mixutre into a shot glass.

Squirt the cream on top of the shot, sprinkle flake on top and cut a strawberry in half and put it on the side of the glass.

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And that my friends is all there is too it..

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You could make this cocktail shot glass recipe as an entree for your party, or maybe a great start to a hen do or a girls night out?

The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s for sure, If I was served this by a friend at a party, I would be impressed wouldn’t you?  And I would tell others about the quirky gimmick…

If you try it and like it, or try it and hate it, or might try it someday, leave the comment below.  I love to hear from real life actual people.

Anyway, until then… thanks for reading.


Paula x




Ever wanted a screaming orgasm?

How to Make a Screaming Orgasm

Here I show you how to make a screaming orgasm in your own kitchen… Well my take on it, I added a couple of ingredients to enhance both the flavour and the texture. I include the screaming orgasm recipe, the method of how you make the cocktail and also a few extras that I found made it better.

I personally think that having a cocktail at a house party really does make it memorable… or not memorable depending on how many obviously.  You can still have the fridge full of Stella and Bud and the wine rack full of Prosecco and Red Merlot but a cocktail, just like a few quirky food bits, just makes your party remembered!

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What you will need for 1 cocktail:

Tia Maria 20ml
Vodka 30ml
Coffee Liquer 20ml
Baileys 30ml
30ml Milk
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

I used branded alcohol but to be honest, I would certainly use the cheaper versions if you are on a budget, I really think the taste would be very similar.

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To Decorate:
Strawberry or Cherry
Paper parrot or other sparkly type of stick thing (amazon, search cocktail accessories)

To Make it:
Cocktail shaker and bits.  I got mine from Asda for £14.
Fancy glass – I used one that I made over at The Cheeky Cow, stocked in our shop and available for purchase.
Click here for personalised cocktail glasses

How to decorate the rim of the glass with chocolate
I used water to wet the edge of the glass as shown below, and dipped it in crumbled flake. I did roll it round a few times to get an even edging. I think it worked well.

Untitled design (24) Untitled design (21).png

What to do.
Put all the alcohol into the cocktail maker with ice, and give it a really good shake, vigorously.    Add the milk and the ice cream (I used plain vanilla), and once again give a shake.

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Put the strainer on the top of the shaker and pour the cocktail into the glass.  Split the strawberry with a knife and slot onto the top of the glass.  Add the sparkly bits, a couple of straws and bobs your uncle.. You have yourself your very own screaming orgasm.



So that is it…

Obviously I enjoyed it, so did my husband too… My son had a sip and even he liked it too!

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And, may I say thank you if you made it this far…. I am blushing really!

If you have any questions about my methods which I try to keep as simple as possible, or have tried it and want to tell my other readers about it, please do. I don’t want to feel like I am talking to myself..

Thanks again..

Paula 🙂