When life gives ya lemons….

and some vodka, strawberries and ice…


Make A Vodka Strawberry and Lemonade Cocktail..

So, because I am on an eternal diet, I thought I would try a cocktail that was purely vodka based.. (because vodka is the best alcohol on all 5467 diets I have done) and the added fruit just made me feel more smug about the whole thing.

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Now this cocktail has a strong taste I’m not going to lie, but the mixutre of lemon, strawberry and  vodka gives a kick to let you know you’re drinking and a really sweet after taste.


I liked it!!


And, I am sure you will too.  And, it is also quite satisfying that you have to make your own strawberry syrup so you get to feel a bit ‘Mary Berry’ in the process.  Overall I really enjoyed making it.

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Oh, before you start I found my cup measuring device really helpful with this recipe.  And I would have found a lemon squeezer helpful, but in the absence of that, a husband or teenage son make an adequate substitute, as long as said husband doesn’t have paper cuts everywhere… steps in son Charlie to save the day (because quite simply my arms don’t work but that’s another story for another day).  Anyway suffice it to say a lemon squeezer is on my list of things to buy.

Equipment Needed:
Lemon Squeezer
Cup Measuring Device

To make the actual drink: (makes aboout 4 glasses)
1 punnet of strawberries
1 Cup Vodka
8 Lemons
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Cup Water
1 Punnet of Stawberries

Cut all tops off strawberries
Prepare your glass
Cut lemons and strawberries for garnish
Cut lemons in half for squeezing

Preparing the Glass
Rim the glass with some lemon and then dip the glass in sugar so that it sticks as shown in the picture.

Untitled design (25) Untitled design (26)

Put the sugar, strawberries and water in a pan and bring to a simmer for a few minutes until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Untitled design (23)  Untitled design (24)

Put the mixture in the blender and blend until smooth then pour the mixture through a sieve to get it nice and smooth.

Put the jug in the fridge until it’s nice and cool.

Add the vodka, lemonade and lemon to the mixture and mix well.

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Put some ice into your glitter cocktail glass from  The Cheeky Cow   and pour the mixture over.

Oh and finally sip it, it is potent by the way but it gives a great kick.

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If you try it and like it, let me know… Would love to hear your thoughts.

Till then… TTFN



Screaming Orgasm – The Sequel

Here’s the thing, it is all well and good me telling you to create full on cocktails for everyone at the party, but sometimes the budget wont stretch… which is totally understandable after you have bought all the food, the gazebo in case it rains and all that extra beer for those that don’t bring any!

So, I tried the shot version and honestly, I think that it will impress just as much, if not more.  You can pick up shot glasses fairly cheap from the local supermarket, or if you want super posh ones, you can get them personalised from The Cheeky Cow .  I envisage a tray full of these ready for when the party starts, but I would do them just before they arrive or the cream will fall into the rest of the cocktail and you will lose the impact.  You could even do them half way through the party, they really don’t take long.

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These cocktail shots can be done on a budget for sure, using a cheap vodka, even a cheap baileys substitute but below I have written out the recipe I used.

What you will need:
Cocktail Shaker
Silver Measuring Cup

Untitled design (27)

Recipe for One Shot
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Baileys
1 oz Tia Maria
1 oz Coffee Liqeur
1 x Strawberry
Squirty Cream in a Can
Flake chocolate or normal chocolate grated

Put the vodka, baileys, tia maria and coffee liqueur in the shaker with some ice to make it cold.  Give it a shake for a good few minutes to ensure all alcohol is mixed well.

Pour the shaken cocktail mixutre into a shot glass.

Squirt the cream on top of the shot, sprinkle flake on top and cut a strawberry in half and put it on the side of the glass.

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And that my friends is all there is too it..

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You could make this cocktail shot glass recipe as an entree for your party, or maybe a great start to a hen do or a girls night out?

The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s for sure, If I was served this by a friend at a party, I would be impressed wouldn’t you?  And I would tell others about the quirky gimmick…

If you try it and like it, or try it and hate it, or might try it someday, leave the comment below.  I love to hear from real life actual people.

Anyway, until then… thanks for reading.


Paula x