Champagne Flutes

Personalised Champagne Glasses

We are very proud of our collection of personalised champagne flutes and our customers seem to like them too as they becoming one of our best sellers.  Not just wedding champagne flutes either, they are a great anniversary gift as they make unique toasting glasses. And what occasion doesn’t warrant that all important chink chink..

Wedding Champagne Flutes

Our personalised champagne flutes make a great personalised wedding gift, and with our unique images on them, it makes your gift stand out amongst the rest.  Check out a small sample of the collection below.

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Anniversary Champagne Glasses

What better way for a couple to celebrate a special anniversary, than to raise a glass to the years they’ve spent together, and if someone has been kind and thoughtful enough to have them customised with their name and favourite colour, it just makes them all the more personal.

Although the glasses can obviously be used for any anniversary year, we have put together some that we feel are relevant for our particular designs.  We can match glitter  along with gift wrapping ribbon or even add special diamante touches (just ask as this is a free bespoke service… note to self, get that advertised).

3 years – Glass/Crystal
8 years    –    Bronze
25 years  –    Silver
30 years  –    Pearl
35 years  –    Coral
40 years  –    Ruby
45 years  –    Sapphire
50 years  –    Golden
55 years  –   Emerald
50 years  –   Diamond

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are also a great excuse to pop the champers.  Well, actually prosecco has become the trend over latter years and we have found ourselves designing personalised prosecco glasses more and more.

You know the drill, one prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecoo…. floor!!

We have incorporated all the latest trends onto our champagne flutes, from unicorns to flamingos.  And, to add that extra personal touch we have included wording such as daughter, sister, aunty etc.  And, if that is not enough, we can even add their name. It couldn’t be any more personalised if we tried.

A very small example below of some champagne flutes. Full range of the birthday collection here at The Cheeky Cow

Ever wondered why we use champagne flutes?

Well there are a few theories but apparently, the bubbles can not escape as quickly in the narrow flute shape.  That is our very much, ‘non scientific’ summary of the glass.

Read more about the history of champagne flutes here.

Our collection will be growing very very soon.

Until then..