Wine Glasses

Personalised Wine Glass

Our collection of custom wine glasses  is one of our biggest and has put us on the map on both Etsy and Amazon.  With over 10 categories to choose from; work and hobbies, trending and season, friends and family..  there really is something for everyone.

Wedding Wine Glasses

This year (2017) seen the introduction of our wedding wine glasses and I have to say, even I was taken aback with how popular they become, we were inundated with orders throughout the summer.  Looking back, I think it was our unique collection of colours, the fact that we personalise each one for free and we add a cute bridesmaid dress as a feature.  We do like to keep up with trends and the pale pinks and rose golds definitely went down a treat!! Not one to blow our own trumpets but the order book doesn’t lie does it?

Birthday Wine Glass

We all have that one day that is special to us, and how lovely does it feel when someone has gone out of their way to choose a gift that totally suits our personality.  So, if your friend loves mermaids and her favourite colour is turquoise, and her favourite drink is rose wine, what nicer way to show her how much you know her, than to buy her a birthday wine glass glass with a purple glitter stem, a mermaid image and her name?  We think they are a great personalised gift idea for friends and family alike.

birthday wine glass

Click here to see birthday wine glasses.

Work and Hobbies

Ever wondered what to get a nurse as a thank you or a birthday gift? Or your friend who is obsessed with sewing or travelling?  Well, our collection just might solve the problem you face when it is their birthday, in choosing that unique personalised gift that we all love to give.  We have wine glasses for nurses, cops, buiders, lawyers, teachers and many more.  Hobbies include caravaning, sewing, photography and much more.

Animal Lover Gifts

Wine glasses aimed at cat lovers, dog lovers and dragon lovers (yes we know they are technically not real but we love GOT too, so we kinda think they are) are part of our latest collection of personalised wine glasses.  Obviously we have covered more animal types in the range,  and to check our full collection here.

Friends and Family

We understand that life is ultimately about friends and family for a lot of people, and sometimes we want to celebrate our relationships via our birthday gifts.  So, we have covered the main relative and friendship relationships in our range.  Hey, you can still add a more distant relative, you just have to ask and we will customise, free of charge of course.

personalised gifts for her

Our Friends and Family Collection.

What’s Next?

We have tons of new ideas for collections but if we told you too soon, we’d have to kill you mwhaha…

But, we think they are great and hope you do too!