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Welcome to the Sarky Cow blog, get yourself comfy, grab a beer/wine/cuppa tea (delete as appropriate) and have a mooch at our blog.  (If you are reading on mobile or tablet, scroll down to see the categories, if on a computer or laptop, look to the right.)

A bit about us.
The Sarky Cow was established properly in Feb of 2017, when we moved from the back of our retail florist shop (that is now in the reliable hands of another fantastic florist) and into our very own home office/studio.  Fast forward to the time of writing now (Sept 18) and we have out grown our home office and are in our very own space in the world of commerce, Sarky HQ.  Ok, it is a cozy office space and I fear we may outgrow this space too any time soon, but for now, it works well..  I, (Paula, Chief Cow) manage things while my family help out with various tasks.  My son, great at graphic design, my daughter fantastic at gift wrapping and packaging and my husband, bloody fantastic at moral support, listening to ideas and actually packing when orders are in abundance.  And, and and… drum roll please…we have just took on our very own staff member, Joan, and we are excited to welcome her into the herd. Updated to add, that fast forward to 2020 and we are now in a bigger space on the same business park that has allowed us to grow our product range and send out designs even quicker. Joan is part of the furniture (actually I have chained her to the furniture because she is a diamond and we are not letting her go) and I personally continue to adore my job.

Why Pick Us?
Well we think we bring fun to the party to be honest. All our products are based around fun and colour.  Life is too short to be dull!!  So, our personalised wine glasses have funny sayings, they have a choice of 18 colours and come in a fab gift wrapped box (if added).  Our cards are witty and can be personalised, and our sweet jars are super customised with over 80 designs to choose from.  I also have a million new ideas which are currently resident in my brain and will be out the virtual store of Sarky very very soon.. so watch this space!!

So what’s the blog about?
I am going to let the content of the blog develop into its own skin, hopefully with some fab ideas and topics that will sit along side our fun designs nicely.  I have a few ideas initially that include drinks recipies, wedding planning and kids party ideas etc.  I do have some knowledge in these fields from my previous life as a wedding and event florist and I am excited to share it with you all, cause I am basically that kinda gal.

Join The Herd
Hey, if you fancy joining the herd, (like a special membership of cows), click on the link and you will be sent special discount codes for our stores.  These are, of course, exclusive to our members list.  Click here to join in one easy step.

Where to Buy?
Until we launch our very own website which we are aiming to do late 2018 and I work on until midnight at least 3 nights a week, we sell on both Amazon and Etsy, both of which have very easy to use platforms and give all our customers a great sense of confidence.  You will find links to all of these platforms above, click on the link ‘Shop with Us’.

Anyway.. any questions please just email us at thesarkycow@yahoo.com or grab us on any of the social sites where we hang out, all listed in the side panel to the right.  Feel free to message me personally on any of these social hang outs and we can chat for sure!! But beware, I love to natter!!

Until then, enjoy and thanks for dropping in.



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